Nope. This one's not from the 90s either!

Nitrous not included

I love that the front of the flyer pretty much tells you right off the bat that you don't want to hear the music at this party and hearing it will be like rape for your ears.

Nobody ever said you needed to be able to spell to be a graphic designer.

All I gotta say is wow....... Do people actually goto these events?
- quote from the forum where I found this.

The sad thing is that, yes, people do actually go to these events, but only because they can't get pills anywhere else.

actual critique from a poster: Great idea for a flyer... Poorly executed though

I thought that was being generous on both parts.

It saddens me that the filename of this flyer is 'FinalHOHOHOflier.jpg' because they really could have added more piss.

Plutonium and a VapoRub-soaked, juggalo-styled bandana totally enhance your roll, man.

Counting the number of fonts used on this is like trying to guess how many marbles are in a 5 gallon water jug.

Bonus points: DJ HeavyMental is pretty fucking crazy.

If you DIDN'T get a headache trying to read this, you need to get to your optometrist and get checked for colorblindness.


I bet you thought this was happening in 1999, too. Don't lie. You know you own a Hardcore for the Headstrong CD.

The Midwest is always good for some of the worst DJ names humanly possible.

Pool the $50 you guys make from this event and put it towards buying an art student some weed to design you a better flyer

The joke writes itself here.

I just lost sight in my left eye from all the lens flare

100% UK Hardcore... none of that pappy French shit.