Five decades of DJing? Wow, black really doesn't crack.

With all the people who write graffiti and love drum and bass, why people insist on using the same played out, unreadable graf font is beyond my comprehension.

Oh, sweet, delicious irony. I love you.

I had a hard time choosing which one was the worst, so I'll let you decide for yourself. Stay classy, Philadelphia!

Dancer silhouettes, so you KNOW this is a deep house party. In case you didn't, they tell you anyway!

The sisters are doing it for themselves, but they probably should have hired someone else on this one.

What? Nobody wants to see a picture of middle-aged black folks sweating? Ok, so put Tiesto on it. Bam! Problem solved. What's next? Oh, a gangster rap show? Do we have any stock images of Tom Waits lying around?